The Boston DAO#


May 2022

The Boston DAO is a crypto-native community formed out of the greater Boston area. We are a collective of early adopters of blockchain technology, leaders, builders, investors, artists, musicians, and creators. Our mission is to build an innovative and inclusive communal foundation in Boston to accelerate the web3 movement. Our members all organize around the broader theme of making Boston the most desirable city for crypto contributors.

I. Our Existence#

a. We believe that humans are at their best when they cooperate together in positive-sum activities.

b. Historically we have gathered to form organizations such as countries, states, churches, and companies in order to govern how we work together to achieve our goals. We believe that Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) enable a new form of human cooperation, which allows for new innovative governance models. DAOs help us fairly establish how decisions are made, the rules that members follow, and how those rules are changed over time.

c. Boston is the place where Tea and Blood were spilled in order to liberate its members from an outdated governance system in pursuit of an equitable system — an ideal system — one that trusts the subjects with the responsibility and the authority to govern themselves. However, as time passes, like any structure without proper care, ideal systems rust and wither. We believe the time has come to innovate once again. We aim to accelerate the adoption of decentralized technology and governance, ultimately educating and indoctrinating more like-minded individuals to our community and to the Web3 World.

“[the people] should never rise without doing something to be remembered – something notable. And striking.” - John Adams

d. We believe that everything we are experimenting with and building here at The Boston DAO should serve a purpose. We seek to foster evergreen and prolific ideas that should withstand winter and summer cycles to come.

II. Our Values#

As an organization our mandate is inclusive of the following:

i. Collaborate with Boston area policymakers and other DAOs; ii. Host events that grow and support the Boston Web3 community; iii. Contribute to and support non-profits; iv. Secure communal assets (fungible or non-fungible); v. Invest in Boston area Web3 community and projects; vi. Incubate and support game-changing ideas; No matter our direction, the community will embody the following values, ranked in their respective order, for when conflict occurs:

a. By the community, for the community

i. We always want to further our mission; we want to build an ever-expanding and inclusive community in Boston. Our community will leverage network effects to increasingly provide more benefits to our members by sharing resources, connections, and ideas. We aim to make The Boston DAO and our city, Boston, a welcoming and bountiful epicenter for the coming of the new internet.

b. Innovative, positive, and exceptional

i. Do things that are new, positive-sum, and disruptive so that people who learn about us can leverage and improve our framework — this is how we grow. We stand for Boston and Boston stands for trailblazing, pioneering revolutionists. This Manifesto is no exception; it should evolve with the DAO.

c. Open, transparent, and adaptable

i. We believe that the future of governance involves operating publicly and deliberately. Rather than assuming an uneducated majority, we seek to educate the majority.

d. Inclusive and diverse

i. The Boston DAO is holistically meritocratic — understanding that every decision is not black and white, but also pushing to innovate and govern in a truly digital world.

III. Our Focus#

All great organizations effectively leverage their values into meaningful actions. As an  organization, we initially seek to impact the world in three areas:

a. Policy & Philanthropy

   i. As members of one of the most influential states in the United States, we advocate, advise and support any policy that is beneficial for both the crypto industry and the  broader governing body.   ii. As benefactors of a hyperbolic asset class, we seek to direct resources towards less hyperbolic asset classes, namely the non-profit industry. As a DAO, we aim to  develop a roadmap for compliant and effective benevolence.

  b. Conferences & Gatherings

i. Boston’s largest export is knowledge. As an organization, we strive to bolster this great city by directing human and financial resources toward educating policymakers, students, and individuals like ourselves that are constantly seeking to learn more.

ii. We believe that conferences are positive-sum for the Boston ecosystem, optimizing network effects and education globally.

iii. We want to bring the most desirable crypto conferences back to Boston.

  c. Partnering, Mentoring & Funding

   i. The Boston network is rich and deep. We believe that we can leverage this to make Boston and the world an extension a better place to live.        ii. We welcome any crypto-entrepreneur or crypto-investor to join and contribute to our network.        iii. We strive to direct resources (financial and non-financial) towards individuals, companies, or networks advancing and embodying our ideals.

IV. Our Objectives#

“Having a vision for what you want is not enough. Vision without execution is hallucination.” -Thomas Edison

Boston is not just a city, it is a mindset. Anyone anywhere can be a Bostonian. As a community, we embrace the duality of nature: an idyllic optimism in summer held in tandem with a stoic persevering temperament through winter, but with constant progress forward. This mentality begets achievement and, as Bostonians in mindset, we intend to sustain this tradition of achievement. Our objectives are simple:

a. Policy & Philanthropy

 i. Help policy and academic leadership see the full potential of Web3/Crypto, and help them develop policy that is supportive of the adoption of Web3/Crypto and the community.      ii. Support the non-profit community to be successful in achieving their missions to the overall betterment of the Boston area community.

b. Conferences & Gatherings

i. Help Boston regain its status as one of the hubs of Web3/Crypto in the US and world.

  ii. Create events and conferences that bring the best Web3/Crypto, academic, and policymakers’ minds together to advance the development and support of Web3/Crypto principles and projects for the overall improvement of the community and society as a whole.

c. Partnering, Mentoring & Funding

i. Position Boston as a top location to develop and build Web3/Crypto organizations based on the availability of talent, capital, supportive policy, and overall quality of life.

The Boston DAO